Ben Edwards - 2005-03-13

Think I have otto installed OK.

Not entirely sure how to import .ogg files but after looking through the
forums I have tried the following.

In otto.conf I added the following

FileExtension   .ogg
FileExtension   .OGG
FileExtension   .mp3
FileExtension   .MP3


<Channel 1>
    ChannelType ogg123
    Ogg123 /usr/bin/ogg123

I then types

/usr/local/otto/bin/otto  start

I got no messages and 'ps aux | grep otto' shows no otto process
running, is this correct?

Then to import the ogg files went to the directory containing them and

/usr/local/otto/bin/otto load *

and got back

01-under_the_bridge-red_hot_chili_peppers.ogg is not a valid channel
02-give_it_away-red_hot_chili_peppers.ogg is not a valid channel name
03-californication-red_hot_chili_peppers.ogg is not a valid channel name
04-scar_tissue-red_hot_chili_peppers.ogg is not a valid channel name
05-soul_to_squeeze-red_hot_chili_peppers.ogg is not a valid channel name

Any ideas,

PS I am posting this ti both email list and forum as both look very
quiet.  I am hoping there is an active comunity as this seems like a
great application.