#12 too many pop-ups

gaim-otr (6)

The gaim-otr plug-in 2.0.2 pops up notifications that I
have to
click away with my mouse. I'm just trying to chat with my
friends, and I don't want to be bothered with pop-ups.

E.g., "Private connection with yourbuddy established."
is so not worth a pop-up.

Also, fewer error messages, please. Most people don't want
to see details of retransmits. For example, hide these:

"The encrypted message received from yourbuddy is
unreadable, as you are not currently communicating


"OTR Error: You sent encrypted data to YourBuddy, who
wasn't expecting it."

"The last message to yourbuddy was resent."

Just manage the protocol in the background, and don't tell
me about it. Especially don't say "OTR Error"--that's
pretty scary looking. Save the bold-face error
messages for
when there's some action I need to take to fix a real

About the only time I can see that a dialog box is
is asking me to accept a key from a buddy with an unknown
fingerprint. And even then, please only one dialog box per
buddy, not one per message from that buddy.

While waiting for me to accept the new key, don't keep
saying "The encrypted message received from yourbuddy is
unreadable, as you are not currently communicating
privately" and dropping the messages. Just queue them up
until I click OK, and then decrypt them all and show
them to

OTR is becoming the protocol of choice for
techo-savvy crypto freaks. But it's more useful to us if
the UI is sweet enough for our non-techie friends to be
willing to use it, too.


  • Ian Goldberg

    Ian Goldberg - 2005-08-01
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  • Ian Goldberg

    Ian Goldberg - 2005-08-01

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    I agree with all of your points except for the display of
    status messages, and in fact they're already incorporated
    into the CVS version. The status messages are there so that
    OTR users can know when something's gone wrong: there's
    nothing worse than a security mechanism which _silently_ fails.


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