e-Novate - 2014-09-01

e-Novate is proud to announce the latest release of the OTA Tour Management 0.9.565.
This version contains bug fixes and enhanced functionality to support e-Bridge integration for website and agent bookings, including advanced customer profiles and online booking cancellation.
OTA Tour Management 0.8 was an internal release only.
This version contains an improved package rate setup, such to simplify the creation of new tours and excursions. Add in some basic reports, support for holidays in the rates creation.
Please note some functions are only available with the e-Bridge subscription which offers an additional module that is not opensource.
Distribution is available as source in zip file or a full windows installer for use with WAMP installations.
Download the new version from http://otatour.sourceforge.net or from our downloads page http://www.e-novate.asia/downloads.
Don't forget to register for the free period to use the e-Bridge - get your inventory online, and cut the costs of selling and repeat business.
http://www.e-bridgedirect.com to register