e-Novate - 2011-08-26

OTA is the Open Travel Alliance, it is a group that is trying to put forward a common messaging standard for the entire travel industry.  e-Novate is a member of the Open Travel Alliance and participates in a couple of the working groups.
See the website http://www.opentravel.org/ for more details.

e-Novate is currently developing an OTA integration SDK to help tourism and travel companies add support for the OTA into their existing inventory management systems.  This SDK is not an opensource product, as such it is not included in the OTA Hotel management software.

The OTA Hotel management software has been redeveloped to be a real hotel inventory management software that serves the dual purpose of being the test platform for our SDK, and also being a opensource product that will enable small to medium hotel vendors get software for free.

People who are interested in connecting the OTA Hotel management software to our OTA SDK and making their inventory online with website and travel agencies please contact sales@e-novate.asia.