e-Novate - 2014-04-15

e-Novate is proud to announce the latest release of the OTA Golf Management 0.10.0.
This version is a bug fix version and contains a enhancement for treating a single 9 hole course as a virtual 18 hole by doing 2 rounds.
Additional documentation for help online with embedded linux to YouTube help videos.
Distribution is available as source in zip file or a full windows installer for use with WAMP installations.
Download the new version from http://otagolf.sourceforge.net or from our downloads page http://www.e-novate.asia/downloads.
Don't forget to register for the free period to use the e-Bridge - get your inventory online, and cut the costs of selling and repeat business.
http://www.e-bridgedirect.com to register

Last edit: e-Novate 2014-04-15