#4 non-US keymappings


As you all know, the VNC packages used, by default, the US-keyboard mappings. I don't know if this is related to the server, to the client or both..... I know many people (incl. US citizen working outside the US !) stucked with that missing feature.

Would it be a way to have a VNC option in the startup panel that looks for the available keymaps in the system ??

such as when XFree86/X11 do it with the option "-keymap file" where file is any file inside "Library/Keyboards/*.keymapping" or (by order) "~"," /", "/Network", and "/System".

PS : tryed (without succes of course) something like :
> open "/Applications/OSXvnc.app" --xquartz-be-xinit -keymap
/System/Library/Keyboards/Francais.keymapping : without success... so the mapping is "set" inside the source.

Francois fmfm@noos.fr


  • Jonathan Gillaspie

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    Yes, currently the mapping is inside the source.
    Apple just release some new documentation to access the keymapping files. We hope to make use of this in a future release of OSXvnc.
    In the interim, VNC works much better if only either the REMOTE or the LOCAL system is using a key-mapping but not both.

  • Jonathan Gillaspie

    • status: open --> open-later
  • Jonathan Gillaspie

    • status: open-later --> open-accepted
  • Jonathan Gillaspie

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    Right now OSXvnc isn't very clever about this, particularly if you are using two macs that are EACH using a non-us keyboard. The keys get "double" translated and produce the US-equivalent. If you set only 1 keyboard to use International mappings it behaves somewhat better.

    We hope to have much more sophisticated support in an upcoming version:

    Documentation Just Published by Apple should help...

    Keyboard Layout Services Reference
    This document describes the Keyboard Layout Services programming
    interface through version 2.0.

  • Jonathan Gillaspie

    • priority: 5 --> 6
  • Alexandre Da Costa

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    it could maybe easier to put the keymaping out of the source?
    Modifying just this file would be let to the user (or he/she could get a
    'resource file' from your site)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Is anything being done about this? New features are being implemented, yet
    this bug has gone untouched for 2,5 years. Wtf? It is making OSXvnc almost
    unusable for most people not using the US keyboard layout, so this is a bug
    that is affecting a lot of people.

    I have tried the supposed workaround (setting one computer with US-
    keymapping and the other one local) without success.

  • Jonathan Gillaspie

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    The last comment really isn't very fair. If you read the release notes you
    can see that we have not been ignoring this but rather just haven't
    gotten anything to work to the quality which we think could be released
    to the general public.

    We have spent a LOT of time trying to solve this problem, the difficulty
    lies in Apple's complex, somewhat out of date, not very well
    documented, keyboard management/layout system and API's. As a
    case in point Apple's very own ARD 2 implementation of VNC didn't
    seem to fair any better in our tests of international keyboards.

    We've tried contacting Apple about the difficulty in translating from
    Characters (which VNC uses) to keyboard codes (not the other way
    around) and gotten nothing more than a sympathetic, yeah-that-would-
    be-really-hard response.

    Our next approach will just move the keymaps outside and let the
    community contribute the reverse maps, this won't be great initially but
    hopefully with enough help from the users we'll get it usable for the most
    demanded keyboards.

  • Fredrik

    Fredrik - 2005-07-20

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    Do you have any kind of time frame on either solving this
    issue, or even let out alphas/betas that implements the
    keymap config functionality? I'd be glad to help mapping the
    Swedish keyboard layouts.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    yes, please add support for azerty keyboards...

  • Olivier Mascia

    Olivier Mascia - 2005-10-07

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    This keyboard mapping issue is a killer issue. There is simply no use for
    the software for the people out there not using a plain US keyboard. I have
    used Win32 ports of VNC for years and never had any issue with
    keyboards. I don't even have keyboard issues when I use ChickenVNC to
    connect from my french keyboard Mac to a Windows VNC server. But
    when connecting to OSXVnc, I can't use it. I mean the soft looks really
    nice, the screen displays very fine, it is appealing to use it and then... the
    show stops because I would have to install a US keyboard on my PC...
    Tell me I'm not alone...

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Hello jonathanosx,

    The "keyboardloading Y" Options works quite fine for a German keyboard besides the following keys:

    * Brackets (')', '{', '}' and '[', ']')
    * German Umlaute (ä, ö, ü) and 'ß'
    * Special Character '@', '|', '~' and '$'
    * INS/DEL Key

    I would suggest to raise the priority for this key-converting issue. All non US-Keyboard user would profit from a better keyboard support ;->

    Best Regards,

    Thomas Stroeter (stroeter ät gmx de)

  • Jonathan Gillaspie

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    Duly noted, glad it's working "somewhat".

    Enhanced (non-US) keyboard support will not be part of an upcoming maintenance release but it will probably be the highest candidate on our list after that.

  • Jonathan Gillaspie

    • priority: 6 --> 8
  • frosty

    frosty - 2008-04-08

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    Using the German keyboard layout, I seem not to be able to use the small b. Umlauts and brackets seem to work fine (can't remember all of them just now, my router seems to be knocked out again) but I can't type small b's (not even via the software keyboard...). And special chars using the alt key don't work. But it's great finally having Umlauts.


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