#77 Slow to start, then no server window and unrestricted access

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Excellent software by the way. however sudden bug...

Machine: powermac g4, 2Gb ram, dual 1.2 processor

First, if OSXVNC was not a startup item i the app would always take a
while to start up - up to a minute, if at all. at one point i downloaded
version 1.6 and that made things a bit better, but that too slowed down in
the end

now i am finding that the application half loads - oscvnc is mounted in
my taskbar, but no oscvnc window is presented. worse, my machine is
wide open - any connection on the vnc port is waved straight through...!

after i remote login if i alt-opt-delete on the local machine i can see that
osxvnc-server is running, but nothing nohow will get the osxvnc server
window to show its comforting head

can find anywhere to reset settings - any thoughts?


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  • Jonathan Gillaspie

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    In trying to review these problems I was not able to duplicate any of them

    This seems very odd, it may be related to incompatibility with APE from
    unsanity.org. This can sometimes cause the application to bounce in the
    dock and not launch. We recommend removing OSXvnc and APE from your
    system completely, rebooting, getting the very latest version of OSXvnc and
    trying agin.

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