#3 Man pages for OSUtils not in correct place


On Panther (at least) the manpath includes /usr/share/man - but
not /usr/local/share/man, which is where the 1.6 installer puts the
manpages. Now, its not really so hard for me to hardcode a
MANPATH variable myself, but why do it? Is there a good reason to
not use /usr/share/man ?

I had an older version, 1.3, and the install script that came with
that version used the /usr/share/man directory.

David dhoerl@mac.com


  • cfr

    cfr - 2005-12-15

    Logged In: YES

    I was just about to report the following bug:
    in version 1.7, the installer puts the man pages in /usr/share/man, rather than in /usr/local.

    Non-system software has no business installing in the main /usr tree. Such software should use /usr/local/. It especially should not do this without warning, without requiring a password to install, and without removing the man pages from 1.6.

    I've simply uninstalled all the man pages from /usr/share/man and put them where they belong. I am generally loathe to trust .pkg installers, but I thought this one would be O.K. after using the one for 1.6.

    Live and learn.

    The current installer is, in my opinion, almost everything an installer shouldn't be. Please fix this - or at least include a warning, and require a password before installing. (A password should be required anyway, but still.) You need to tell people it is going to do this, and to tell them they must find and delete all the old man pages by hand.

    Now, not having to add a variable to $MANPATH... hmm... such an advantage. Anybody using this package should regard this as standard. If your $PATH is set to include /usr/local/bin, and the installer installed the man pages in /usr/local/man, everything should work anyway.

    - cfr

  • Nathan Gray

    Nathan Gray - 2007-11-10

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: NO

    Please do not install into /usr/share/man. That's a system directory. In Leopard, at least, /etc/man.conf is set properly to look for man pages in /usr/local/share/man when the executable is in /usr/local/bin.


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