#1 Problems getting icons on OS9 files?


I'm using geticon 1.4 to support a Web application that includes a
directory listing interface. geticon is failing ("File could not be
created") when processing certain files. My app's command line
looks like this:

/usr/local/bin/geticon -t tiff -o output.tiff 'inputpath/inputfile.ext'

If I run geticon without the -t tiff option geticon creates an icns file
without error. Unfortunately, the icns doesn't help me in this case.

When I examine the icns files that geticon creates from my
problem files, it seems that it is able to create only 32x32 icons,
(and sometimes 16x16, but never 128x128), for the files that don't
work with the -t tiff option.

I tried -t png, -t gif and -t jpeg, and none of these work with the
problem files.

I examined your source, but I'm not clever enough to spot the
problem, or even fully understand what's going on. It seems like -t
options (other than icns) rely on the existence of some data
(kThumbnail32BitData) that perhaps isn't available for the files that
are causing problems.

Those files, by the way, are always OS9-created files (applications
such as Adobe Illustrator 8, Quark XPress, etc.) with default
document icons, just as they exist in the OS9 desktop database. I
can send you a files if they are useful, but I suspect you'll know
exactly what I mean.

Thanks for the great utility. It's solving a big problem for me
despite this issue.


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