Mac OS X Synergy Configurator / News: Recent posts

Updates coming soon

I've been a bit caught up in other things, but a completed server configurator is coming soon! Stay tuned.

Posted by Jonathan 2005-07-29

Doxygen comments added

I've started to add Doxygen comments to the code. I will include the compiled HTML files with the source packages from now on.

Posted by Jonathan 2005-03-26

Inital Release!

The initial release of the software has been made! Fully functioning client controller.

Note: The sourceforge stat/download counters, as well as CVS stats, are broken. If you try out the program, feel free post suggestions or bugs.

Added: Binaries/Source to files
Added: Screenshot
Added: CVS repository in Project/osxsynergygui

Purpose: Easily configure and use the Mac OS X version of synergy

Implemented Features:
-Client GUI to connect to synergy server
-Debug messages for troubleshooting
-Saves last settings for quick connections... read more

Posted by Jonathan 2005-03-20

Project creation

I've created this project with the purpose of designing a GUI for the configuration of the Mac OS X version of Synergy.

Both the client and Server versions of the software will be supported through this application.

I hope to have the initial release up by next week.

Posted by Jonathan 2005-03-12