#3 64-bit kext


I rebuild and patch source code for 64-bit. This is first prerelease for test. If it worked with out bugs, i will send source codes.


  • Yuri Perejilin

    Yuri Perejilin - 2009-11-26

    64-bit compatible fix from this project

  • ethan hunt

    ethan hunt - 2009-12-07

    10.6.1/64-bit. Used the same driver in the past on 10.5, but am here for obvious reasons. The kept loads without a hitch and even with verbosity on the highest level, I don't see any warnings/conflicts. Once loaded, I didn't get usual message via nslog/kernel buffer (dmesg) but kextstat verified it was loaded and I did have a device appear for the pl2303 under /dev

    I have a ublox GPS receiver that spits out standard NMEA over 232 @ 19200 or will use the USB interface (plugged into the wall because it tries to use the USB otherwise. The uses a very lame CDC method which is a known problem on OSX because of how they're doing the serial drivers. Tried screen, cu, many different programs and basically got no data or anything streaming out. Kernel didn't panic nor ioregistry show anything I could notice. To rule out the receiver going bad, I fired up vmware and tried both ports out. Windows had the same issue with the 232 port but had no problem talking natively using their software + hyperterm dump over the USB drive. So, I'm not sure how I can get a better dump/log of what the driver is seeing

  • Justin J. Snelgrove

    Can you please provide either the full source code or a patch against the current public SVN? It's been a couple months since the binary was posted, and I'd be interested in having a copy of the source (particularly given this project is GPL2).


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