PL2303 on 10.4.10

  • Staffan Thomen

    Staffan Thomen - 2007-07-14

    I've been trying to get my noname PL2303 dongle to work on my MBP, but the farthest I have gotten is to be able to receive data on it. This effect I also get from using the prolific driver with and edited Info.plist file. (I am using screen to connect to the tty device)

    Do you have any ideas on how to be able to send as well? (I think I saw someone else with a similar problem while googling around)
    Gonna try this out with a PC in the morning and see if this is just a faulty device.

    • Staffan Thomen

      Staffan Thomen - 2007-07-15

      Yes, the device works properly, it seems it was something with the console I was trying to access. Sending works as well; Ignore this comment :-)


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