Removing the PL2303 driver

  • scottmk

    scottmk - 2009-03-12


    I am running VMWare Fusion 2 on Leopard 10.5.6 and I made the mistake of installing the pl2303 driver in Leopard, when I want to use the device in Windows from within the Virtual Machine.  When I follow the instructions for uninstalling the osx-pl2303.kext driver from Terminal, using kextunload fails.  Am I safe in removing the pl2303 driver with the 'sudo rm -r' command, anyway, if the kextunload command has failed?  Apple support did not recommend it.

    The osx-pl2303.kext file date is 10 August 2007, 2:32 pm.

    Apparently, I can not have the device driver loaded in the host OS and also install the driver in the guest OS (XP Pro SP3).  So, I need to remove the osx-pl2303.kext from Leopard before I can hope to get the device working in the virtual machine.

    Here's what System Profiler says for the generic USB-to-Serial dongle:


      Product ID:    0x7523
      Vendor ID:    0x1a86
      Version:    2.54
      Speed:    Up to 12 Mb/sec
      Location ID:    0xfa420000
      Current Available (mA):    500
      Current Required (mA):    Unknown (Device has not been configured)

    I'm not sure if it's even a Prolific device (it's completely un-labeled), so I want to remove the Mac driver before I proceed any further.

    Thank you very much!

    • Stefan Wert

      Stefan Wert - 2009-03-14

      I had exactly the same issue, found this question when googling for an answer. I threw caution to the wind and just deleted the .kext and rebooted, and I haven't had any problems. Works in VMWare just fine now!

      • scottmk

        scottmk - 2009-03-14

        For the record, I didn't just delete the osx-pl2303.kext file.  I used the rm -r command from Terminal, despite the fact that kextunload failed.

        I also deleted the Receipt Package, also using the rm -r command, and the file was /Library/Receipts/osx-pl2303-10.4.pkg/.


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