Won't wake up when PL2303 connected

  • Galen Tackett

    Galen Tackett - 2008-06-07

    When I have my pl2303 adapter connected to the USB on my OS X 10.4.11 PowerMac G4, if I leave my Mac alone until it goes to sleep, it will lock up if I try to wake it up.

    I am using V1.2.1 of the pl2303 driver.

    • Galen Tackett

      Galen Tackett - 2008-06-07

      Forgot to mention:

      System Profiler shows this for the USB-serial device:

        Version:    3.00
        Bus Power (mA):    500
        Speed:    Up to 12 Mb/sec
        Manufacturer:    Prolific Technology Inc.
        Product ID:    0x2303
        Vendor ID:    0x067b

    • B.J. Arnoldus

      B.J. Arnoldus - 2008-06-17

      Have you already tried a newer version of the driver?

      Kind regards

      Jeroen Arnoldus

      • Galen Tackett

        Galen Tackett - 2008-07-09


        I am unaware of a newer version than the one I mentioned in my original message. Do you know of one?




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