PL2303 problems in 10.5.6

  • jleibs

    jleibs - 2009-03-31

    I installed the PL2303 driver and it almost seems to be working.

    I can read from the device just fine, but writes don't seem to go through.  (They don't fail, they just never make it to the device I'm communicating with).

    However, a "USB Serial Controller D" device has showed up in my Network settings, and if I tell it to try to connect then writes also seem to work, but only for the duration of the connection being made.  At some point I will be told that it couldn't make the connection (obviously, since it's not a modem), and then it will stop responding to writes again.

    Is anyone familiar with this issue or have a fix that allows it to always work?

    --Jeremy Leibs

    • jleibs

      jleibs - 2009-04-01

      I apologize.  Turns out the software I was running was not currectly setting the baud rate.  It just so happens that trying to activate the connection was tricking OS X into setting it correctly for me.

      Now that the software is fixed, driver works great!


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