Difficulty installing driver

  • NearOptimized

    NearOptimized - 2007-08-22

    I have an off-market USB to Serial adapter that I do not know the exact company name and have been unable to get the driver that your wrote to work.  I am using a iBook G4 with OS 10.3.9 and have been able to get the machine to recognize the device with the PL2303x_1.0.7b4 driver supplied with the cable but it does not work for my application (controlling the Parallax Basic Stamp 2sx micro-controller).  The inability of the commercial drivers to connect to the Basic Stamps is a known problem that apparently your driver does not suffer from. 
    The problem specifically is that when I run the installer (I have used release 0.2.2-10.3.dmg), the files are placed in the proper folders, but when I run 'ls /dev/cu*' I only see /dev/cu.modem.  Below I have included the system profile print out as well.  What do I have to do to get this to work?  and am I able to do it or must I purchase a new adapter?  Thanks

    USB-Serial Controller:

      Vendor Name:    Prolific Technology Inc.
      Speed:    Up to 12 Mb/sec
      Product ID:    8963 ($2303)
      Bus Power (mA):    500


    • B.J. Arnoldus

      B.J. Arnoldus - 2007-08-22

      Hi Vassilios,

      At the moment I have no 10.3 release running to test the driver. Maybe you can try to compile the driver by yourself via Xcode. You can checkout the sourcecode via subversion


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