Additional Product/VendorIDs

  • hoba

    hoba - 2007-03-27

    I installed your driver on my Mac on OSX 10.4.9 and it was not running out of the box with the following Sitecom adaptor:

    I use the V2 version of it. I had to manually change the vendor and product IDs to the following values to make it work (Info from Systemprofiler):

      Vendor:    Prolific Technology Inc.
      Product-ID:    0x2068
      Vendor-ID:    0x6189

    Maybe you could include this in future builds so it runs out of the box for other users with that adaptor.

    Thanks very much for this driver!


    • B.J. Arnoldus

      B.J. Arnoldus - 2007-07-14

      I have added it to the next release. Thank you

    • fjy

      fjy - 2007-07-19

      Also my device was not work. I'm using SANWA digital multimeter USB cable.
      It uses PL2303 but not sapport OSX.

      So I desire to add below ID to the next relese, If you can.

      Vendor: Sanwa Electric Instrument Co., Ltd.
      Vendor-ID: 0x11AD
      Product-ID: 0x0001

      Thank you.

      Yasu Fujii

    • B.J. Arnoldus

      B.J. Arnoldus - 2007-08-10

      I have added it to the next release. Thank you 

    • Foo Goddess

      Foo Goddess - 2007-11-01

      Thanks for this excellent code! My antique Palm USB-Serial dongle appears to work with minicom after adding it to Info.plist.

      System Aluminum G4 PowerBook, Mac OS 10.4.10, from System Profile:

      USB Serial Adaptor:

        Version:    1.00
        Bus Power (mA):    500
        Speed:    Up to 12 Mb/sec
        Manufacturer:    Palm Computing, Inc.
        Product ID:    0x0080
        Serial Number:    00380536
        Vendor ID:    0x0830


    • Foo Goddess

      Foo Goddess - 2007-11-02

      Ignore my last post. I *thought* it was working but it wasn't really; i was just getting some indications that i was connected. Apparently the KL5KUSB is *sorta* playing with the driver.

      The Palm dongle is based on a Kawasaki KL5KUSB105AC and is no longer supported by Kawasaki. Next time I'll pop open the case before I get all excited and post.


    • Edward Wingate

      Edward Wingate - 2008-03-20


      I may not have a solid grasp on how to set things up with my adapter but it would seem that it just doesn't work with this driver.  The details in the device manager are:


        Version:    2.50
        Bus Power (mA):    500
        Speed:    Up to 12 Mb/sec
        Product ID:    0x5523
        Vendor ID:    0x4348

      It's a cheap ebay sourced adapter with HL-2303 stamped on it, rather generic.  I tried the Prolific driver for OS X and modified the VID and PID fields, but no joy.  Is there anything I can do to get the driver offered here to make it go?

    • bournemouth

      bournemouth - 2008-04-13

      Hi, I'm the same as the guy above, I bought a cheap ebay sourced generic adaptor (mine has "HL-340" stamped on it). I also tried editing the code within the osx-pl2303.kext driver:


      Should this be enough to get the device working (it isn't..)? Is this device compatible with your driver? (I'm only guessing the chipset is the same from googling..

      Here is the output for the device from USB Prober:
      Full Speed device @ 2 (0x1D100000): .............................................   Vendor-specific device: "USB-SER!"
          Device Descriptor  
              Descriptor Version Number:   0x0110
              Device Class:   255   (Vendor-specific)
              Device Subclass:   0   (Vendor-specific)
              Device Protocol:   0
              Device MaxPacketSize:   8
              Device VendorID/ProductID:   0x4348/0x5523   (unknown vendor)
              Device Version Number:   0x0250
              Number of Configurations:   1
              Manufacturer String:   0 (none)
              Product String:   2 "USB-SER!"
              Serial Number String:   0 (none)
          Configuration Descriptor  
              Length (and contents):   39
                  Raw Descriptor (hex)    0000: 09 02 27 00 01 01 00 80  27 09 04 00 00 03 FF 01 
                  Raw Descriptor (hex)    0010: 02 00 07 05 82 02 20 00  00 07 05 02 02 20 00 00 
                  Raw Descriptor (hex)    0020: 07 05 81 03 08 00 01
              Number of Interfaces:   1
              Configuration Value:   1
              Attributes:   0x80 (bus-powered)
              MaxPower:   78 ma
              Interface #0 - Vendor-specific  
                  Alternate Setting   0
                  Number of Endpoints   3
                  Interface Class:   255   (Vendor-specific)
                  Interface Subclass;   1   (Vendor-specific)
                  Interface Protocol:   2
                  Endpoint 0x82 - Bulk Input  
                      Address:   0x82  (IN)
                      Attributes:   0x02  (Bulk no synchronization data endpoint)
                      Max Packet Size:   32
                      Polling Interval:   0 ms
                  Endpoint 0x02 - Bulk Output  
                      Address:   0x02  (OUT)
                      Attributes:   0x02  (Bulk no synchronization data endpoint)
                      Max Packet Size:   32
                      Polling Interval:   0 ms
                  Endpoint 0x81 - Interrupt Input  
                      Address:   0x81  (IN)
                      Attributes:   0x03  (Interrupt no synchronization data endpoint)
                      Max Packet Size:   8
                      Polling Interval:   1 ms


    • Yokodzun

      Yokodzun - 2008-06-18

      I have same adaptor, in my case it is called "CAB-232 by CBR"


                Version: 2.50
                Bus Power (mA): 500
                Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec
                Product ID: 0x5523
                Vendor ID: 0x4348

      On Linux it detect as PL2303 based.

      This adapter not work with lastest version on You drivers.

      • Yokodzun

        Yokodzun - 2008-06-18

        What additional information is necessary to add this device in to the driver?

    • saba wehbe

      saba wehbe - 2009-03-06

      i got this, but zterm cant see the serial port. what to do ? could you add my vendor id or smthg.

        Product ID:    0x0230
        Vendor ID:    0x0711  (Magic Control Technology Corp.)
        Version:    1.03
        Serial Number:    150212
        Speed:    Up to 12 Mb/sec
        Manufacturer:    USB-RS232 Interface Converter
        Location ID:    0x04100000
        Current Available (mA):    500
        Current Required (mA):    50



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