OS X 10.5.x

  • paul

    paul - 2011-06-10

    Hi All,

    I was wondering if anybody is aware of support for 10.5.x? I am looking to design my own driver and I have already done so with the source code available for OS X 10.6.x from here:

    What I was looking to do was develop something similar for 10.5.8 specifically. But I am surprised to see that source code for 10.5.x seems to be unavailable anywhere.

    Does anybody have any ideas?


  • paul

    paul - 2011-06-12

    Ah, so I downloaded the code from SVN and I see that 0.3.1 was not downloaded. Does anybody know why 0.3.1 is not included in the SVN? Or where to find it? I also tried doing SVN Browse through the sourceforge website and I don't see it there either. I believe 0.3.1 will support 10.5.x (but not sure about 10.5.8 yet)

    I also noticed on Apple's website a post about 0.3.1a (64 bit). Again, I have no idea where to find the source code for this project.

    Thanks again,


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