Serialio PL-2303

  • Chris Caldwell

    Chris Caldwell - 2006-08-15

    I just removed the Prolific drivers Serialio makes available on their site ( and tried installing this driver but I am not having any luck using it with Zterm. It does not show up as a device option for my connection.

    Any ideas on where to start troubleshooting?

    • Benjamin Low

      Benjamin Low - 2006-08-29

      It might just be the device naming. If you know the embedded serial number of the adapter (ref. System Profiler -> Hardware -> USB -> 'Serial Number:'), then the device will be named:


      where abcdef is your serial number. If your device doesn't have a serial number, the driver uses the USB port address, a mostly meaningless number that is fixed for a given USB port.

      The following will show you where it's turning up (in Terminal, after plugging in the device):

      $ ls -l /dev/tty.PL2303-*



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