Compatibility with CP2101

  • xSmurf

    xSmurf - 2006-11-29

    Hello, I have to say I appreciate the inniative! CP2XXX devices are plenty and Silicon Labs are bitchy about releasing their driver (what a shame!).

    I do have a few questions. First, I was wondering if this driver is compatible with the CP2101 IC? If not, are there any plans to include it in the drivers? Would you be willing to release it under a BSD license? This makes more sense imho since OS X is mostly BSD.

    All hail open hardware ^.^

    • B.J. Arnoldus

      B.J. Arnoldus - 2007-07-14

      This driver is not compatible with the CP2101 IC and I have no plans to port it for the CP2101 chip.
      Although this driver can be used as an example how to make a CP2101 driver, because the main parts of the code is related to OS X and not to the PL2303 chip.


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