FYI: This works on Teletype USB GPS

  • Paul Fischer

    Paul Fischer - 2006-06-14

    Greetings All,

    I love you! You rock!

    I have a pig-pile of old Teletype USB GPS devices in my lab. It sort of looks like this item on Amazon.

    I'm only using this for show. It's not the exact same item.

    The device shows up as a Teletype-USB-to-Serial port in WinXP with the included driver software. In OS X, it shows up as "USB Device" in System Profiler.

    I have never been able to access the device before in OS X. Today I found your driver and decided to give it a try, even though it didn't explicitly mention support for Teletype USB serial ports that come included with their old GPS devices.

    System Profiler still reports it as "USB Device", when I would expect to see it listed as something like "USB Serial Device". However, I can now choose your drive in Zterm and see GPS data coming over the serial port to the screen. I can also open the port in Kismac and it seems to recognize that the serial port is there and it is getting GPS data.

    Unfortunately, I'm in a building where GPS signals don't penetrate the walls or windows. I'll try Kismac later to see if it's really getting good GPS data from this device and I'll post the results here.

    This really makes me happy. I was using a Keyspan USB serial port and a Garmin Gecko for GPS previously. The Gecko cable required it's own cigarette lighter plug in my car, which meant I couldn't run 2 laptops and 2 GPS devices, and listen to my iPod through my radio. It also meant a lot more cabling to tangle things up.

    Thanks again guys and gals,

    You have made me very happy.

    • B.J. Arnoldus

      B.J. Arnoldus - 2007-07-14

      Thanks for your nice message :-)


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