Desactivate popup menu in grid control

  • kindersam

    kindersam - 2009-05-05

    A right clik on a grid control enables users to hide columns in grid control. But how to desactivate this function??? I may be a bug, but when all columns are hidden, if you right click on the grid,there's no more popup menu, so it's impossible to make columns visible again???

    • mcarniel

      mcarniel - 2009-05-09

      Popup menu can have several usages and not only to show/hide columns, so it has not sense to deactivate it.
      Anyway, you can you the "Column.setColumnSelectable(false)" available in each column is order to report the column in the popup menu,
      so you can set to false this property for all grid's columns so in popup menu no column will be reported.
      I also added a check on popup menu in order to skip the column hiding operation when there is also one column visible.
      This change will be available with next release of OpenSwing, planned for next week.

    • kindersam

      kindersam - 2009-05-10

      Thanks you very much for your reply and your good job!!!!!!


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