prboleme with the grid - insert and edit mode

  • kurasaki miro

    kurasaki miro - 2011-08-22

    my english is too bad, i appologize for the mistakes

    i have a problème with the insert and the edit button, to be more clear i have probleme with the grid itself! for exemple when i clicked to the insert button, an row empty was created to be filled with the new informations, but when i click into a column and i fill it with the text and go to the second column in the same grid, the grid delete what i juste write before, i can't fill all the row informations to be able to click to the save button! the grid is refreshing after each click into a column.

    i'm sorry if i wasn't  clear! and thank you for your help

  • Anonymous - 2011-09-12

    I encountered that problem too. I still don't know how to resolve it. In my case, I have a CodeLookupControl to select a parent data which its child will be displayed in the grid. When the selected parent is change, the grid is cleared (I put lookup listener in the CodeLookupControl).

    new LookupListener() {

    public void codeChanged(ValueObject parentVO, Collection parentChangedAttributes) {
                lnkEdit.setEnabled(((VOBase)parentVO).getId() != null);
                logger.debug("codeChanged" + parentVO.toString());

    If I am not mistaken, when the grid is in insert mode, after I filled data in the first cell and moved the cursor to the second, the focus somehow dropped in the CodeLookupControl. It triggered codeChanged event which clear grid data.

  • mcarniel

    mcarniel - 2011-09-24

    About the first issue, it seems that you have not set all mandatory properties for columns, particularly, the attributeName property, which is used to store the cell content just edited into the value object binded to the current row.
    I think that there are a lot of errors reported in the console regarding the lack I have just described….


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