OpenSwing components & NetBeans 6.5 problem

  • mustafa_kamil

    mustafa_kamil - 2009-03-12

    I installed OpenSwing components in NetBeans 6.5 as described

    I followed those steps below:

    * Create a library definition for the components:
    1- select "Tools | Library | New Library" from menu bar
    2- set the library name (e.g. 'OpenSwing') and click OK
    3- when the newly created library is selected, click 'Add Jar/Folder'
    4- select all the openswing jar files (under the 'build' directory in openswing installation) and click 'Add jar/folder'

    * Install Openswing components:
    1- select 'Tools | Palette | Swing/AWT Components' from menu bar to open the Palette manager
    2- create a new category via 'New Category' button
    3- select the newly created category and select 'Add From Library'
    4- select 'OpenSwing' library and click Next
    5- select all the available components and click Next
    6- select 'OpenSwing' category , click Finish and close the palette manager.

    * Add the library to a java application project. (Right-click on Libraries node and select 'Add Library').

    Finally I could not see any components on palette.
    Is there any problem for Netbeans 6.5?

    • Jan van Lit

      Jan van Lit - 2009-03-13

      I use openSwing with NetBeans 6.5 with no (real) problems

      I created a new project
      Go to the properties
      and in the library section add the openSwing library
      to add a Guiform, I added a Jinternalframe from the swing gui, since I could not find any openSwing  InternalFrame, and changed that in the editor to a internalframe
      from thereon I have openSwing in the Pallette


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