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Fred T
  • Fred T

    Fred T - 2009-04-16

    When using the method getBlockFromQuery from org.openswing.swing.util.server.HibernateUtils

    I get a StackOverflowError.

    Apparently it is caused by my object model?

    ClassA has a Collection of objects of ClassB
    ClassA also has a reference to one single object of ClassB
    And Class B has a reference to ClassA

    Like this:

    public class ClassA
         private List<ClassB> listOfClassB;
         private ClassB myClassBReference;

    public class ClassB
         private ClassA classA;

    From the moment I remove 'myClassBReference' from ClassA the error no longer occurs...
    How can I solve the issue without removing the 'myClassBReference'?

    • mcarniel

      mcarniel - 2009-04-26

      I fixed (I hope!) the problem you described, by limiting the number of times that the same entity is analyzed.
      Fix will be available with then next version of OpenSwing, planned for next week.

    • Fred T

      Fred T - 2009-04-26

      Hi mcarniel,

      Thanks for your reply! :)

      I will wait the following version release then.


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