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search in grid

  • Zamek

    Zamek - 2009-03-11


    I would like to use Openswing in EJB environment.
    I use JPAUtils.getBlockFromQuery in EJB side, it load cca. 50 rows from database and pass it to client.
    All of grid function works well, but when I try to search in grid, (by typing key) it find the rows which is in grid, but if I search values which is not in actual rowset it doesn't find. It's normally, and I would like to capture this find sequence, to get more rows from database.

    I found a public Object beforeFilterGrid(String attributeName, Object value) method in gridControl, but it   called when I search in searching panel.

    thx a lot

    • mcarniel

      mcarniel - 2009-03-14

      I've added a new boolean property to GridControl: "searchAdditionalRows", in order to enable the retrieval of additional rows in fast search, when search criteria fails.

      These improvement will be available with next release of OpenSwing, planned for next monday.

    • Zamek

      Zamek - 2009-03-15

      thx a lot


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