Problems Netbeans 6.5 (QueryUtil.getQuery)

  • Socorro Barreto

    Socorro Barreto - 2009-05-05


    All demos with the method "QueryUtil.getQuery" call a exception. For exemple, in demo4 i have the exception:

    java.lang.RuntimeException: Uncompilable source code
            at demo4.GridFrameController.loadData(
            at org.openswing.swing.table.client.Grids.loadData(
            at org.openswing.swing.table.client.Grids.access$400(
            at org.openswing.swing.table.client.Grids$

    This occur only in NetBeans. In Eclipse, in same computer, with same JDK works verywell.

    Whats the problem with NetBeans?


    • Socorro Barreto

      Socorro Barreto - 2009-05-06

      The same error occurred in another computer.

      I used:

      - NetBeans 6.5
      - demo4
      - Java 6.0.10

      I tested in Eclipe and works. Where the problem in Netbeans?


    • mcarniel

      mcarniel - 2009-05-09

      Please provide me more info: which libraries EXACTLY have you added to the project related to demo4?
      Which version of OpenSwing are you using?
      Have you added srcserveros.jar or srcclientos.jar to project library settings???

    • Socorro Barreto

      Socorro Barreto - 2009-05-09


      Im using these libraries:

      - all libraries of build folder the openswing;
      - servlet-api.jar (from tomcat/lib folder);

      the same libraries in Eclipes works.

      Im using OpenSwing 2.0, but i tested in 1.8 and 1.9 and occur the same problem.


      The message complete in a dialog in Netbeans is:

      Error loading data:
      Uncompilable source code - imcompatible types
      found: org.openswing.swing.server.QueryUtil.getQuey

      if you install the netbeans and try execute the demo4 will get the error.


      • Jan van Lit

        Jan van Lit - 2009-05-11

        I have seen this problem before when servlet-api.jar is not included, try to clean and build the source (shift-F11). That gives a better error message about missing jars.

    • Socorro Barreto

      Socorro Barreto - 2009-05-12


      Conclusion: this occur when the JAR servlet-api.jar is missing in project!

      Thanks a lot.


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