Custom Columns in Grid Control

  • Amrullah Syadzili


    I have a problem here. As far as I know, grid control is only able to display columns which have related properties in the VO assigned to the grid. CMIWW. In fact, I need to display a summary of data which is taken from another table. The grid mainly displays master table information, but I need to add a column that displays the sum of number stored in detail table. The workaround I have tried is using CustomGridControl. It works but it gave me another problem, which is I don't know how to display boolean column in checkboxcolumn. In CustomGridControl, the boolean property is displayed in integer.

    Facing the checkboxcolumn problem in CustomGridControl, I tend to back to use GridControl since it is more familiar to me. Is there is a way to display summary column taken from another table to grid control that its VO doesn't have the summary property?

    If it is impossible, How to display boolean data in checkboxcolumn in CustomGridControl?

    Btw, I use OpenSwing 1.9 and JDK 1.6. And...I think openswing is really great.

    I apologize for my English. Thank you.

    • mcarniel

      mcarniel - 2009-02-09

      I do not understand what you mean for "a summary of data": is it a column of the grid or is it a row of the grid???
      In case of a simple check-box type column, I do not understand where the problem is: you could simply fill in an attribute to bind to that check-box column with a business logic related to the other table...

    • Amrullah Syadzili

      1. "a summary of data" is a column. Let say we have parent-detail tables. Transaction and detail_transaction tables. Transaction has trans_id and trans_date fields, while detail_transaction has trans_id, item, count, and price. Each transaction has one or more detail transaction.
      The problem is, I want to display total_price in transaction_grid_view. Total_price is taken by aggregating price in detail_transaction table. In fact, total_price is not a member of TransactionVO properties.

      2. I meant CustomGridControl. Unlike GridControl which we can drag and drop ColumnControls to it, as I know, CustomGridControl displays the data from CustomVO which generates fields/columns based on query specified by user. I have checked the source of CustomGridControlController, it only define tree types of column: text, datetime and number. In my case, boolean data is displayed as 0 or 1

      Thank you, and I do apologize for this late response.


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