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OSW 1.2.4 Released for Mac OS X

A bug-fix release 1.2.4 for Mac OS X is now available at

Version 1.2.4 fixes several bugs from the 1.2.3 release specific to OS X:

1. Installer fixes: the .app is now properly installed and permissions in the /Applications directory are preserved.

2. Significant improvement in audio performance/behavior.

3. The version number is now properly reported in the about box.

There is no change from version 1.2.3 for Windows or Linux users. Those interested in these platforms should continue to use 1.2.3.

Mac users are encouraged to download and try out the new version, and report any issues to the bug/support trackers or the users mailing list.

OSW is a graphical programming environment for real-time music and audio applications. It is intended for composers, performers, and sound designers. Please visit the project site at for more information.

Posted by Amar Chaudhary 2004-11-18

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