Hello Barry,

All the fields in stats_project_all table is a measure for some aspect of a project. (projects in SF called Groups).
And yes, you are right about cvs_commits, it is the number of commits occurred in September 2012 in CVS system. there is also an alternative for SVN_Commits in that tables.

what i should mention is that: This Table IS NOT precise and i think SF does not populate it anymore. So i advise you to not use this table in your research.


On Wed, Jan 2, 2013 at 8:08 PM, Megan Squire <megansquire@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi there SRDA experts - Can someone help Barry Wray with his question below? reply to list or to Barry directly (wrayb@uncw.edu), thanks


Barry writes:
Can you tell me where to find descriptions of what each field in the file “sf0912.stats_project_all” (and other files) is measuring? For instance, I am looking at the field “cvs_commits” and I am not sure what this data is actually measuring (and some other fields as well). I have looked over the ER diagrams and schema at the WIKI at

but I cannot find this information. For instance, I believe cvs_commits would be a measure of the number of commitments (from all developers) for new versions of a project during the month of September of 2012…but I am not certain of this. I am writing a research paper and I need to know precisely what each field is really measuring. If this information available?

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