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In several of the database there are tables with fields that store information on roles.
Some of the roles listed include Project Manager, Developer, Senior Developer, Junior Developer, Support Manager etc How are these positions/roles determined and what criteria are used to determine these positions/roles.

We collect this information from the web pages exactly as it appears on the project page. So it is up to the project team to assign these roles.

In  the sourceforge database there is a table called sf_project_list with
field called regex_matched. What does regex_matched  mean and what 
kind of information is stored in the field.

This is a quite old table and is no longer updated, though it is still in the db for historical purposes.
What does the  fields in the SourceKibitzer table mean. The table contain the following fields

SourceKibitzer was a project that took a list of projects, collected the metadata and code, and then ran a series of metrics on the code. They then donated the data (good job SK team!) back to FLOSSmole to keep for all eternity. SK then went out of business, and they are doing other, similar, work now under a new name. (Good thing they donated their data to us for the long term, or it would be gone or inaccessible!)

Ok, so in the SK table, you will see a series of columns, which Sherae has told you are different types of software engineering metrics, calculated by SK team and stored in our database. Here is another posting describing the different columns and what they mean:

Datasource_id refers to the "run number" for each donation. Sourcekibitzer donations are listed at the top of that page, and each donation is given a run number.

By the way, I have a student who is currently replicating the SK work on two Linux distributions (gentoo and deb). We are just messing around with collecting code metrics (not traditionally our strong suit here at FLOSSmole, but who knows...) but maybe we will start doing this more into the future.

Of course, if you have data or metrics you'd like to donate (this goes for anyone listening!) we'd be more than happy to store them for you in case you grow tired of your project and no longer want to store this data for the long term.

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