Hello moles! I've released a new set of Google Code project data (marked August 2010, datasource 226) to our own downloads page:


This Google Code Project Data took over a month to collect. Included are the following:

--project names (info)
--project license, code and content (info)
--project summary (info)
--project description (info)
--project activity level (info)
--who works on what project and what their role is (people)
--what blogs are listed for each project (blogs)
--what links are listed for each project (links)
--what labels are used to describe each project (labels)

I have not yet released this data to the Teragrid site (working on that). In addition to this info I have also collected the html pages for issues, wiki, downloads, and updates for each project. I have not yet figured out how to parse these, or even whether I should or not, so to get that data you'll need TG access at the moment.

Happy digging,