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osslsigncode 1.7/1.7.1

1.7 brings support for nested signatures (1.7.1 adds the -add-msi-dse option) - thanks to Mikkel Krautz for doing all the work.

1.7 also adds the OpenSSL linkage exception to the license, and fixes a compilation problem with OpenSSL < 1.0.0

Posted by Per Allansson 2014-07-11

osslsigncode 1.5.2

  • added support for signing with SHA-384 and SHA-512
  • added support for page hashing (-ph option)
Posted by Per Allansson 2013-03-13

osslsigncode 1.5.1

  • added support for signing MSI files (patch from Marc-André Lureau)
  • calculate correct PE checksum instead of setting it to 0
    (patch from Roland Schwingel)
  • added support for RFC3161 timestamping (-ts option)
  • added support for extracting/removing/verifying signature on PE files
  • fixed problem with not being able to decode timestamps with no newlines
  • added stricter checks for PE file validity
  • added support for reading keys from PVK files (requires OpenSSL 1.0.0 or later)
  • added support for reading certificates from PEM files
  • renamed program option: -spc to -certs (old option name still valid)
Posted by Per Allansson 2013-03-12

osslsigncode 1.4

- improved build system (patch from Alon Bar-Lev)
- support reading cert+key from PKCS12 file (patch from Alon Bar-Lev)
- support reading key from PEM file
- added support for sha1/sha256 - default hash is now sha1
- added flag for commercial signing (default is individual)

Posted by Per Allansson 2011-08-12

osslsigncode 1.3.1

Platform-independent tool for Authenticode signing of EXE/CAB files - uses
OpenSSL and libcurl.

Includes fix for signing of 64-bit executables.

Posted by Per Allansson 2009-08-07

osslsigncode: Version 1.3 released

Platform-independent tool for Authenticode signing of EXE/CAB files - uses OpenSSL and libcurl. It also supports timestamping.

Includes padding fix and support for signing of already signed files.

Posted by Per Allansson 2008-01-31

Version 1.2 of osslsigncode released

This release mainly adds autoconf support - thanks to Roy Keene for providing me with that.

Posted by Per Allansson 2005-01-21

Released: OpenSSL-based signcode utility

Today I released the first version of an OpenSSL-based signcode utility that can be used to add Authenticode signatures to EXE/CAB files on any system where OpenSSL and libcurl compiles. Timestamping is also supported.

Posted by Per Allansson 2005-01-19

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