Ryan Rubley - 2007-04-02

If you've managed to finally find osslsigncode from some searches, you're most likely going to have a heck of a time getting your SPC and PVK files into the formats osslsigncode wants. Otherwise, osslsigncode is a great program which lets you have the functionality of signcode.exe that you need, but under Linux.

On the computer where you originally purchased your certificate, you probably had to use IE to get it. Run IE and select Tools/Internet Options from the menu, then under the Content tab, click the Certificates button. Under the Personal tab, select your certificate and click the Export button. On the second page of the wizard, select the PKCS #7 Certificate (.P7B) format. This file you export as a *.p7b is what you use instead of your *.spc file. It's the same basic thing, in a different format.

For your PVK file, you will need to download a little utility called PVK.EXE. This can currently be downloaded at http://support.globalsign.net/en/objectsign/PVK.zip
Run: pvk -in foo.pvk -nocrypt -out foo.pem
This will convert your PVK file to a PEM file.
From there, you can copy the PEM file to a Linux box, and run: openssl rsa -outform der -in foo.pem -out foo.der
This will convert your PEM file to a DER file.

You need the *.p7b and *.der files to use osslsigncode, instead of your *.spc and *.pvk files. This is what all worked for me to finally get osslsigncode up and running.