I work at an audio archive that holds over 10000 hours of recorded North Indian Classical Vocal Music in Bombay, India. Our entire catalog is currently on paper and we're contemplating moving to a digital library system. Our archive doesn't need many typical library software functions like issuing books, sending recall notices and the like because none of our audio material leaves the building and we do not maintain user accounts. Our primary need is a digitized catalog that can respond to moderately complicated and very specific search queries.

I'm new to the digital library world and so far, I've tried winisis and it does serve our needs, but I'd like to know if there are any better, more powerful open source library systems available. Winisis's 16-bit interface is a little disappointing and hard to customize.

Could someone please help me out here and recommend some other open source library applications that we could use?

Srijan Deshpande
Samvaad Foundation,
Bombay, India