Well, beyond the rolling of the eyes whenever I mention Open Source, I hear a lot of
"we're not geeks like you"
"Is there a printed manual?"
"are we talking about *software*?"
"who else is using it?"
"Open Sores? What kind of software is that?"

(who has had very limited success evangelizing...)

Nicole Engard <nicole.engard@liblime.com> wrote:
Sorry for the typo - "I am NOW the Open Source Evangelist for LibLime"


On 2/11/08, Nicole Engard <nicole.engard@liblime.com> wrote:
Hi all,

As most of you know, I am not the Open Source Evangelist for LibLime.  I'm looking to put together a list of common questions/misconceptions about open source and their answers/corrections.  I'm going to use this list in presentations as I go around libraryland educating librarians about what open source is and how it can be used in libraries.

One example of a question I got lately was "Open source, is that like tags and stuff?"

If you have any good ones - or answers you'd like spread to your fellow librarians, please let me know.  

Thanks a bunch,
Nicole C. Engard
Open Source Evangelist
Phone: 888.564.2457 x714
AIM/Y!/Skype: nengard

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see also http://oss4lib.org/

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