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Dear All,

If you are interested in a Ubuntu-9.10 based Livecd, pre-configured with
1) DSpace,
2) PKP Harvester (OAI harvester based search engine for digital repositories)
3) Koha, and
4) dbWiz (a federated search engine for online Journals/databases)

You may download from
http://sf.net/projects/liblivecd OR

NOTE: Though sourceforge.net shows the size of the file as 712 MB, the
actual size is 680 MB. After downloading the ISO file, you may cut a CD
(700 MB capacity) as ISO file. DONOT copy the ISO file on to the CD!!!

For people who never used a liveCD:
Once you have the CD, you may boot your system with the CD. LiveCD will
not write anything to your Hard Disk. You can work from the CD itself and
try testing DSpace, PKP harvester, Koha, and dbWiz. If you wish to have
the Ubuntu Operating system along with these Library related software, you
may click the "Install Ubuntu-9.10" icon. Take more care while
partitioning your hard disk. You may use even multi-boot with the
existing operating systems on your system.

I would greatly appreciate, for your feed back on DLRG.

with best regards
ARD Prasad, Ph.D.
Documentation Research and Training Centre (DRTC)
Indian Statistical Institutet
8th Mile Mysore Raod
Bangalore 560 059
Phone: +91-80-28483002 Ext. 496
FAX: +91-80-28482711

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