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Like the hobbyists and their microcomputers in the 1970s, we are basically creating a disruptive technology (and methodology). Disruptive technologies generally take root and develop slowly at first, on the periphery of the marketplace, their true significance often misunderstood or go unnoticed altogether, even scorned, by the leaders until one day we

find these technologies  have profoundly changed how we do things. 

In the mean time, those of us creating and using this disruptive technology,  OSS in and for libraries, will have to take upon ourselves the leadership role.  We will have to set the example and show what is possible, one project at a time.  If we are sufficiently motivated it is definitely possible for us to change the order of things. 


 I definitely agree with these thoughts, Peter.  Per Karen's example though, for OSS not to become a "techno-fad", will take some doing.  Obviously, many people still view OSS in libraries as a fad, no matter how many organizations endorse its use.  In a way, I think its wrong though, to address OSS in libraries as a technology just awaiting acceptance.  I don't believe there is a "mean time".  The time is very much now, or never.  Of course, I'm not suggesting you don't know this already Peter, since you do more than most for OSS in libraries

In terms of leadership though, I think it's important to not just address leadership individually at our respective institutions but also create a platform for others to see what we're doing.  oss4lib and others are great for giving us a forum, but it isn't an adequate forum for showing non-geek librarians what's great about OSS and why they should jump in.  

Sorry for howling into the night.  I know I'm just rehashing a lot of these thoughts, but it seemed important to bring them up.