Hi - I'm a volunteer at a small (3,500 item) non-profit library at a nature center.  Mostly books,. but a few videos and multimedia packages. Currently we are running a very ugly DOS program that allows search by author, title and subject and a few other simple options. I'm looking for new software that meets the following criteria -
1. Simple, easy to install and use - has to be easy to understand for users - also, the computers and network are rather slow (they just upgraded from Windows98 last week!) I have an MLIS (but am not a professional librarian), but it needs to be easy for anyone to enter new data (since I am only a volunteer, anyone could be updating info). The software would be installed on the network.
2. No checkout/circulation information needed.  Book checkout is on the honor system and they are not looking to upgrade that part - only members can check out books, and they just write on a sheet of paper which ones they take, and bring them back whenever they want. No barcoding.
3.  Search by author, title and subject - with some authority control. Doesn't have to be fancy or complicated.
4. Ideally, I'd like to import the data from an Excel spreadsheet.
I've done some looking, but it seems most software is more complicated than we need, and I don't want to install something on the system that is not going to meet their needs. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!!