I think it would be great to have a server-oriented live-CD for libraries.  I know the audience for such a project would be smaller, but a lot of the interesting software for libraries is server-based. 
A live-CD would encourage libraries and librarians to consider using OSS and show them how easy and powerful these tools are.   We could start with Ubuntu Server edition as a base.  I would like to see a library server edition with the following apps:
Koha AND Evergreen
RT: Request Tracker and FAQ manager
Libstats (more fun than hashmarks)
and as many other apps as we could cram on to it from the list at http://oss4lib.org/article/applications
Steve Hunt
Systems Librarian
Santa Monica College Library
Santa Monica, Calif.

From: Open Source Systems Interest Group [mailto:OSSIG@LISTSERV.ARIZONA.EDU] On Behalf Of Dave Bretthauer
Sent: Friday, June 15, 2007 9:35 AM
Subject: Open Source + Creative Commons LiveCD for Libraries

OSSIG Folks,


Some months ago, when I was in the midst of moving, I got a call from Russell Ossendryver, who was interested in producing a CD of open source software for distribution to libraries. He sees a benefit to his company of selling labels and was very up front about that, but also sees the benefit of libraries using open source software and is therefore willing to fund the project.


I confess to letting the house move get the better of me and neglecting this conversation until I was pinged last week by Jon Phillips and Timothy Vollmer. (And now I’m being distracted by an upcoming SAN installation). Timothy sent me a couple of emails regarding the project which I’ve just received permission to forward to this group.


I’m going to cc this email to these three gentlemen because I am pretty sure OSSIG is a closed list and I want everyone to see everyone’s addresses. Please read Timothy’s emails below; if this sounds at all of interest, they are looking for feedback to help with the project’s success. In case my Outlook snatches this info, their email addresses are:

Russell Ossendryver: worldlabel@gmail.com

Timothy Vollmer: tvollmer@umich.edu

Jon Phillips: jon@creativecommons.org


I don’t think anyone involved will be able to attend ALA, but this might be an opportunity for conversations to start sooner. Also, there may well be other groups within ALA which would find this discussion/project of interest, so please give some thought to what those groups might be, but naturally I thought of LITA and OSSIG first. 8^)




From: timothy.vollmer@gmail.com [mailto:timothy.vollmer@gmail.com] On Behalf Of Timothy Vollmer
Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2007 4:56 PM
To: Dave Bretthauer
Cc: Jon Phillips
Subject: Involvement in Open Source + Creative Commons LiveCD for libraries


Dear Mr. Bretthauer:

Hello, my name is Timothy Vollmer and I am working for Creative Commons on a LiveCD project this summer. We are working in collaboration with Red Hat, Worldlabel.com and other FOSS providers on a LiveCD that will bundle an open source operating system (Fedora 7), productivity and creativity apps (OpenOffice, Inkscape, Firefox, etc.), and Creative Commons-licensed content for distribution to libraries throughout the United States.

We are aiming to produce a viable LiveCD that can provide a great example of the benefits and scope of the open source and Creative Commons communities.

I was wondering if you would be available for input (either phone or email is fine) in helping us in the implementation of this project. Our proposed roll date for the LiveCD is August 8. We have some more specific questions concerning library targeting and distribution.

I will be working with Community and Business Developer Jon Phillips and others at Creative Commons on this project.

I thank you for your time and consideration in working with us on the LiveCD. We will be working to produce a demo version of the CD in the coming weeks so that we can get comments and feedback on it before the final release.



Timothy Vollmer
Creative Commons
Community + Media Development

Master's Candidate, 2008
School of Information
University of Michigan


From: timothy.vollmer@gmail.com [mailto:timothy.vollmer@gmail.com] On Behalf Of Timothy Vollmer
Sent: Thursday, June 14, 2007 1:22 PM
To: Dave Bretthauer
Cc: Jon Phillips
Subject: Re: Involvement in Open Source + Creative Commons LiveCD for libraries


Hey Dave:

Thanks a lot for taking the time to give us a hand.

We wanted to see if you could give some insight on the best way to approach libraries with this project.

There's a lot of different ideas about the best way to distribute this LiveCD. There's the idea that we could buy or obtain a mailing list from ALA in order to do a mass mailing. On the other hand, we and others think that this may be an ineffective use of time and resources since librarians and administrators may see it as another type of spamming. What would you think?

Another idea we had is to connect with the ALA, affiliated orgs, and other library groups to generate some interest. If we can let libraries know what is going on but use these associations and professional groups to help distribute, it might be better to try to pull libraries into it rather than push the CD on them.

We want to provide this CD as a great example of FOSS and Creative Commons and provide a carrot for librarians to test out the software and content. The CC content will be prevalent on each CD. In terms of software, the LiveCD can boot directly from the CD, but will also give librarians the option of installing the software on their machines. While there is an obvious cost-saving prong to installing this software on library machines, I'm not sure we're ready to dive into this argument as a main selling point. Seems like there's a snakepit of politics and budgeting issues surrounding proprietary software and library licensing agreements. This also ties into trying to decide which libraries to target--public, rural, lower-income? Any thoughts or comments on this?

Do you know of any other LiveCD projects like this that have been done with libraries?

Thanks for your time again, and I look forward to hearing from you.