Work continues on Avanti MicroLCS with a tentative release date for version 1.0  expected in late 2002.  The basic circulation component is now complete and being tested.  A general system for implementing circulation policies, along with a language for expressing them is under development.  When this is finished the entire circulation component will be integrated into the rest of the system.  At that point Avanti MicroLCS will be considered functionally complete for version 1.0.  Intensive testing and refactoring of the system will follow.  Serious attention to end user documentation will also come to the fore at that time.

Some details of how the circulation component works and what is being done will be posted soon.    

Almost two years in the making Avanti MicroLCS, a general purpose library computing system, represents something new and very different from a typical integrated library system.  The purpose of version 1.0 is to establish the core framework of the system in a readily usable form, suitable for use in a small library.  It is a starting point upon which to build.  As such, it may seem spartan in features.   Searching capabilities will be limited to keyword searching on any and all fields, without boolean and weighted term searching.  Avanti is able to import/export databases in delimited text format, but MARC import/export capabilites will not be made available in version 1.0.  All these things will be included in later versions.  The development strategy is shifting from adding features to making sure that Avanti works, and works very, very well.

As the system approaches completion a definite target date for the release of version 1.0 will be determined.  This will be posted to the project website, ,  along with updated documentation.  One or two pre-release versions may also be posted prior to the target release date.   Although the documentation available on the web site is a bit out of date, you can try out a reasonably current version of the basic OPAC search client at running on a small dataset.

Peter Schlumpf
Avanti Project Manager