I won't be there either, but as the developer of Avanti, I share your personal vision fully.  A library computing server appliance is how I ultimately want to package Avanti.  A device that you can plug into your network, turn it on, configure, load your data and you're in business.  No mucking around with installing an OS, finding the right Perl modules, compiling Apache with the proper stuff, dealing with mySQL and other such headaches, which I think is,  by far the biggest obstacle in the way of success for open source software in libraries...  we cannot expect the librarian in a small rural library to have DB and sysadmin skills if we want them to use our software.  I have been designing the Avanti software with *exactly* this sort of thing in mind.

I have put an enormous amount of work into Avanti over the past three months and expect to continue the pace through the Summer, and quite frankly the website hasn't been keeping up very well.  The project is, however, on track to releasing a complete and fully documented 1.0 product release of the software some time this Fall.  I'll be sending out an update and announcement with more details abut this later on this list.

It does look like Openbook has a new web presence... take a look at .

Peter Schlumpf

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Under $1000

I won't be there, but I am very curious about the subject matter. In
particular, about OpenBook? I have a personal vision of library
automation in a box; much as Cobalt provides semi-configured RedHat
servers for ISPs, so servers could be prebuilt with a library
automation system. The three candidates I've been trying to keep tabs
on are Avanti, OpenBook and Koha. The last I heard about OpenBook, was
a while back on this list that they were reorganizing. Does this mean
that they have revived their web presence.

On Mon, Jun 03, 2002 at 02:42:07PM -0400, Dave Bretthauer wrote:

> The LITA Open Source Systems Interest Group will present the following
> program Sunday June 16, 2002, 1:30-3:30, in the GWCC-B406/B407:
> Automate your Library for Under $1000
> Come hear how this is possible with Linux, OpenBSD, and OpenBook. The issues

Josh Kuperman


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