Avanti version 0.4 has been released.  It is available at the Avanti project website at http://www.avantilibrarysystems.com along with documentation that can be perused online.  You can also play with the online demo and its *very* tiny titles database.  I will be improving this in the near future.

Version 0.4 is a partial implementation of a library system and as such is not suitable for production use.  Rather, it is a reference version that defines the essential elements and architecture of the system, setting the stage for future development through version 1.0.  It is at the vanguard of what is expected to be a fairly rapid period of development toward a simple but functionally complete OPAC and circulation system in version 0.5.  this is tentatively expected some time around January 2002.  Please feel free to direct any comments and suggestions that you may have to me.

The Avanti project is an effort to develop an open source, platform independent, and implementation neutral integrated library system that is flexible and is easy to install and use.   Details can be found at the project website at http://www.avantilibrarysystems.com .

Peter Schlumpf
Avanti Project Manager