Avanti version 0.4 pre-release 1 is complete and is available at the
Avanti website:  http://www.nslsilus.org/~schlumpf/avanti . Included in
this release is the first GUI search client (finally!).  A running demo of
this client is available at the web site. try it out!  A more in depth
explanation of the interface design is available at

Version 0.4 represents a major step forward for Avanti.  This version
defines all the fundamental components of the system from back-end DBMS to
GUI client.  0.4 also defines the overall client-server architecture of
Avanti and the communications protocol used between client and server.

The next release will be 0.4 proper, a much cleaner and better
documented rendition of what is in this pre-release.

I am open to any and all feedback.  Feel free to drop me an e-mail.

Peter Schlumpf
Avanti Project Manager