Avanti MicroLCS version 1.0 beta 2 has been released.  It is available for
trial and download at the project website,

New in this release is a standalone GUI client application.  This
graphical client has the same clean, elegant look and feel of the Applet
client, but it does not require a web browser to run.  This greatly
enhances the flexibility of Avanti MicroLCS by allowing it to run
end-to-end, from server to client, in environments where a web server and
browser are not available or desired.  It only requires a computer
supporting Java.  Also featured in this release are numerous bug fixes and
improvements to the API, along with a few minor changes to the user

There will be at least one more beta release preceding the final version
1.0.  Development work for beta 3 will focus on very intensive debugging,
testing, and refactoring of the existing system.  Little new functionality
will be introduced.  The aim is to ensure that what exists is rock solid
in every way, is scalable, and works extremely well.

Circulation capabilities may appear in the final version 1.0.

Details will be made available as the work progresses.  It keeps getting
better.... stay tuned!

Peter Schlumpf
Avanti Project Manager