As the leader for the Technical Discussion Group at the Southeast Florida Library Information Network (SEFLIN), I am looking for possible speakers and topic recommendations for a conference/workshop our group would like to organize in south Florida for SEFLIN.

Our very rough schedule, thus far, is to have a one day conference split along two "tracks":

1/2 day (AM or PM): speakers/programs/workshops for desktop apps
1/2 day (the other half of the day): speakers/programs/workshops for programming, server, or backend stuff
Keynote speakers addressing managers and administrators about open source.

The target audience will be library staff and administrators for the desktop apps, and sysadmins, programmers, and administrators for systems and server "stuff" (technical term for everything else).

Our target date for such a conference/workshop is sometime this fall or winter (more likely winter, given the current state of planning). 

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions and wisdom from the group!


Carol Bean
Leader, SEFLIN Technical Discussion Group

Computer Center Manager
North County Regional Library
Palm Beach County Library System
11303 Campus Drive
Palm Beach Gardens, FL  33410