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I was just asked recently about researching a computer management system that would authenticate to our ILS via SIP.  I am in the middle of constructing a "should have this..." document as a base for contacting commercial vendors, but as a personal project, I want to use OSS to develop a solution.
I was planning on developing an ISM build for our local library using a local database.  Now that this question has arisen, I am investigating SIP authentication using the ISM.  I have contacted the ISM developers (GRPL), but they have not done it and did not have a suggestion off the top of their heads.  They said a CPAN module was not found after a brief search.
So, does anybody know of SIP-querying scripts or middleware-software (*nix) that I might be able to pretty easily integrate into ISM?
Any and all suggestions on how to communicate with SIP from Unix/Linux welcome, as it is a new subject that I plan to master.
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