Thanks for all of the replies regarding a LITA publication -- and if you haven't yet replied but thought about it, please do.

- I got general replies from: Nick Moffitt, Peter Schlumpf. I hope we can find a way to exploit their interest.
- Rachel Hamilton-Williams volunteered herself and colleagues at the Koha project.
- Eric Lease Morgan has (inadvertently, perhaps) volunteered himself to write the  general introductory section.

So what I need now is about 4-6 more folks who can write up their experience with a piece of OS software. If there is someone who isn't on this list but who might be a candidate for the job, please do what is necessary to connect me up with them. And feel free to send my original query around to other persons or lists.

Karen Coyle          
  University of California Digital Library        510/987-0567