Within the last week, the Evergreen Community has been abuzz, requesting more from their conference, and the 2010 Evergreen International Conference Committee is happy to report we're able to make it so!

We're expanding hackfest day, Wednesday, April 21, to include four additional roundtable discussions.  The morning will feature an Authority Roundtable facilitated by Shae Tetterton and a Reports Roundtable hosted by Anoop Atre and Jenny Turner.  The afternoon will feature a Sys Admin Roundtable guided by Evette Atkin and Megan Dudek and a Holds Roundtable led by Grace Dunbar.  Together, these roundtables form our redesigned Sys Admin and End User Hackfest.

And how much will these additional sessions add to your conference bill?  Absolutely nothing!  They are included in the one low registration price.  But wait!  There's more . . .

We've lined up not one, not two, not three, but four developers for our Meet with the Developers, also part of hackfest day.  Spend an hour chatting with Mike Rylander, Bill Erickson, Bill Ott, and Dan Scott as part of the Hands-On Coding for Developers Hackfest.  All of them will be together in the same room at the same time--imagine the synergy!

And this new opportunity is also included in that one low registration price!  If you haven't done so already, register for the 2010 Evergreen International Conference at http://www.evergreen2010.org/  If you're already registered, make sure your travel plans now accommodate a full day of hackfests on Wednesday, April 21.

See you in Grand Rapids!