As for software, a customized setup of Koha that is all ready to import a chunk of MARC data would be nice.  Something that a tester could put some data in and try out.

An instilation of evergreen when that goes alpha.

Knoppix 3.8 includes unionfs.  "UnionFS stacks your Knoppix ramdisk on top of the read-only filesystem on the CD, the effect being that you can apt-get install, and otherwise modify all of the files on the system as though they were all writeable."

I have spent some time on remastering Knoppix to get a dist that better served my needs.  Some software that I use regularly got the axe in the latest version to create space for new things. 


Craighton Hippenhammer wrote:
OSSonICE (Integrated CD-ROM E-Distribution) ??

Craighton Hippenhammer
Information Technology Librarian
Olivet Nazarene University 

Eric Lease Morgan <> 3/21/2005 11:18:27 AM >>>

On Mar 9, 2005, at 8:38 PM, Eric Lease Morgan wrote:

Through Martin Halbert of Emory University by way of Will Young of 
same, I learned about Knoppix, and I think it would be a GREAT way to

demonstrate and evangelize library-related open source software: 

In my copious spare time this weekend, I played more with Knoppix.

I was able to resurrect my Windows-based machine, de-fragment the one 
of the disk partitions, re-partition the drive, install Debian from the

Knoppix CD, fry my Windows OS while testing it, resurrect my 
Windows-based machine (again), and try my hand at making a Knoppix 
distribution. While I was unsuccessful at creating the distro, I still

think the idea of creating an CD with lot's o' library-related OSS is 
very feasible.

So, I ask you, if you think this is feasible too, then what sorts of 
content would you have on the CD? I am leaning towards server-based 
applications (HTTP and database servers) as opposed to productivity 
software (OpenOffice). I think the purpose of the CD should be to 
demonstrate how libraries can facilitate digital library services and 
collections through the use of open source software. I see this CD 
enabling people (librarians) to try out the software, and the actually

install it on one of their computers, much like the LOCKSS model.

What software would be included on such a CD, and what cool name can we

come up with for such a thing?